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Solar Projects

Vineyard Power's mission, as a 21st century utility company, is to produce electricity from local, renewable resources while keeping the benefits within our island community. This mission includes photovoltaics.

New legislations at the state and federal level have formed a market-based incentive program and tax-credits for renewable energy systems in order to support companies like Vineyard Power (VP) in developing, commercial, and utility scale solar photovoltaic (PV) here on Martha’s Vineyard. 

By completing these solar projects Vineyard Power gains valuable organizational skills.  These abilities will help our organization reach our long term renewable energy goal of building a community owned offshore wind farm. 

Construction and completion videos of each project can be viewed by clicking these links:

Aquinnah Solar Project

Cronig's Phase 1 Solar Project

Cronig's Phase 2 Solar Project

Chilmark Solar Project

MV Boys & Girls Club Solar Project