A call to action, a message from our Chairman

The Vineyard Power Co-op was born out a long-range energy plan for the island. Locally-produced energy, like local food, makes sense to us. Standing up, getting involved, shaping the future of our energy makes sense to us.

We have a role, and we want more people to have one, too. From 2010 - 2015, the Co-op worked with island towns and officials to guide the U.S. government in identifying areas of the ocean that would be available for wind farms.  

The Co-op continues to put an island imprint on the development plans for offshore wind, including gathering members' suggestions to name one of the projects for the Vineyard.  

Including getting that project to commit to putting the permanent operations and maintenance facility in Vineyard Haven harbor, and a goal of 100% of that staff being Martha's Vineyard residents within five years of the project being operational.

Now our partners in the development of Vineyard Wind have begun the public permitting process with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. There are initial forms and descriptions of the project available for review, and for comment.

Now is the time, though not the only time, to make comments about the assessment of environmental impact, about the studies needed, and alternatives or mitigation. This is our opportunity to shape the energy future that makes sense to us.

The Vineyard Wind project is an opportunity to approve and build a significant reduction in gas-burning and CO2 emissions, and will be a very tangible demonstration of our commitment and resolve.

This initial Massachusetts' review applies to the underwater and underground cables to connect the wind farm to the mainland transmission grid. The cables are planned for Massachusetts waters and land, in carefully selected routes. All cables will be securely buried using proven installation techniques.

On the Cape there will be some short term disturbance to residents along the land cable routes, which will be minimized by proper construction scheduling, and traffic management. Affected streets will be restored to "like new" condition. Any temporary local inconvenience should be weighed against the important and large-scale societal benefits of the project.

The first Environmental Notification Forms (ENF) now filed with Massachusetts will lead to more review at the state, local and Federal levels.   

We are asking you, our members for letters of support for the state review.  

Please show your support with a letter emailed to the MEPA  

Analyst (Purvi Patel) at purvi.patel@state.ma.us by January 30, 2018 (reference EEA No. 15787 in subject line) or U.S. mail to:

Secretary Matthew A. Beaton
Attn: MEPA Office, Purvi Patel
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
100 Cambridge Street, Suite 900
Boston, MA, 02114

To learn more about the ENF filing or to read the document please visit the Vineyard Wind website by clicking here