Electric Vehicles


At Vineyard Power Cooperative, we are committed to a 100% carbon neutral island in home heating, electricity, and transportation. Widespread changes start with individuals; when it comes to transportation, it starts with your personal vehicle.

Electric vehicles are a great option for many consumers and a perfect fit for island drivers. Below are resources and guides to help you find the exact right EV for your lifestyle.


Makes and Models

There are dozens of different EV’s to choose from- how did I know which is best for me? The Clean Charge Network has an easy online questionnaire to help match you with personalized EV or Plug-In Hybrid options.


You’ve no doubt seen the charging stations at Cronig’s Market or the Oak Bluffs public library. Like most EV drivers, you’ll probably want to install a charger in your garage or home. ChargeHub has a side-by-side comparison tool so you can select the right charger for your vehicle and home. For off-island EV use, Amazon now offers an easy-to-use installation service to connect you with local technicians (not yet available here).

Expecting a longer drive? This EV Charging Station tool will allow you to plan any trip with ease. Open Charge offers Android, iOS, and Google Web Apps for mobile users and maps more than 150,000 chargers across 75,000 locations around the world


Curious about your environmental impact? This "EV Emissions Tool" will help you visualize your vehicle’s carbon footprint. It breaks down the per mile emissions from gasoline, hybrid, and electric vehicles- input your zip code, make, model, and year to get as accurate a result as possible.

Cost Savings

The best kept secret about electric vehicles are the shockingly low lifetime vehicle costs- on average, you can save nearly 60% of the annual costs of ownership. To get a more accurate sense of the financial benefits of making the switch away from gasoline. ChargeHub's "Savings Calculator" can help you visualize the expected annual and lifetime savings.

Electricity costs in Massachusetts can be high, but Dukes County consistently has some of the highest gas prices in the country. On island, the cost of a gallon of gas will get you nearly 75% further when in an EV. The US Dept. of Energy has an eGallon tool showing state-by-state electricity vs. gas fuel costs.

Applicable federal and state incentives vary greatly. To see what benefits you can receive, visit the Department of Energy’s helpful website.