We are currently advocating for two pieces of legislation that are in committee in the Massachusetts State House. Find below brief descriptions of the two bills. Please contact us for further information or if you would like to become more involved in the process. 

Community Empowerment or An Act to promote long-term renewable contracts for municipal aggregators and municipalities is a new way for local communities in Massachusetts to transition to renewable energy. This proposed state law empowers cities, towns and community electric aggregators to use their residents' electricity buying power to support renewable energy projects of the community’s choosing. Important decisions about where our energy comes from and what types of energy projects we support are democratized for the sake of our common future, while residents benefit directly from the projects. 

As a leading organization in the coalition to bring Community Empowerment to Massachusetts, we have established a website as an available platform for Community Empowerment organizers and advocates froma cross the United States. More information about Community Empowerment, including ways you can become involved in this initiative can be found at communityempowerment.org

Benefits of Community Empowerment Include: 

Local communities can choose – through a democratic process – what types of renewable energy projects they want to support with their electric bill
Residents stabilize a portion of their electric bill for a period of 10 years or more. When wholesale prices go above the price agreed to with a renewable energy project, residents receive a credit on their electricity bill
More renewable energy projects can receive the financial support they need to get built, hastening the transition to fossil-free energy and empowering local communities to fight climate change

Representative Haddad’s An Act relative to energy diversity looks to encourage the development of energy security and diversity while promoting economic growth in the Commonwealth.  Along with incentivizing other energy diversification projects, this bill encourages distribution companies to enter into long-term contracts with offshore wind energy developers. Long-term contracting is essential to facilitate the financials required to finance offshore wind energy generation. Massachusetts has an abundance of accessible wind off its shores; this resource offers our communities a renewable resource while supporting the local economy through job creation. This bill will be critical to ensure cost-effective and competitive energy infrastructure in Massachusetts in the coming decades. The complete bill text can be found here