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How Does Vineyard Power Work?


Vineyard Power is a renewable energy cooperative based on Martha's Vineyard. Our mission as a 21st century utility company is to produce electricity from local, renewable resources while advocating for and keeping the benefits within our community. So, how does this affect you? The first step is to become a member of Vineyard Power.

There are several ways to do this, including signing up online, giving us a call (508-693-3002), or visiting one of the many stores on the Island that sell memberships. Since the membership is associated with the name on your electric bill, one membership can cover an individual, a family, a business, or an organization.

Click HERE to learn more about the history of utility co-operatives.


Now that you have joined Vineyard Power, you now have a direct voice in the cooperative: you elect board members, have voting rights, and provide general feedback. In the past, members have voted to approve the bylaws, voted on the location of our offshore wind farm, and approved the use of solar.

How does Vineyard Power Cooperative work?

As a local nonprofit co-operative, Vineyard Power is for the people, by the people. Our vision is to be Martha's Vineyard's community-owned utility company.

In the short term, we have completed several commercial scale solar projects.  These projects align with our mission, allow us to gain valuable organizational skills, and provide development income. 

Our longterm goal is to build an offshore wind farm which will provide our community with sustainable, renewable, and affordable electricity. Vineyard Power will be your supplier of this electricity.

Energy & Deregulation

Deregulation simply allows the customer to choose whom they wish to purchase their electricity generation from.  In the past, each part of your electricity bill (generation, transmission & distrbution) have been provided by a single company - our local utility.  By becoming a member of Vineyard Power you now have the power to be an owner in the generation of your electricity. 

First, Vineyard Power aims to have stable, affordable electricity prices. Second, Vineyard Power will now be your electricity generator. Our electricity will travel through the pre-existing NSTAR grid directly to your home, so there will be no noticeable difference in service.  Vineyard Power will be the electrical supplier and provide the generation service on your bill.  NSTAR service is for transmission and distribution. 

Keep in mind when you will pay your bill in the future, with Vineyard Power as your supplier, you will be an owner of the company, more money will stay on island, more jobs on island, and control stays within our community. 

To see a sample NSTAR bill, please click here.