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Frequently asked questions


When did Vineyard Power begin?

Establishing an energy cooperative was a suggested strategy written in the Island Plan, and Vineyard Power Cooperative was incorporated on November 19, 2009. See our interactive timeline for more details.


What is Vineyard Power?

Vineyard Power is a local energy cooperative with the vision of powering all of Martha's Vineyard with renewable electricity. Our members will own and have access to this energy. By generating large-scale renewable energy, as a cooperative, the benefits and control are kept in the community.


Who can join Vineyard Power?

Any year round or seasonal resident, family, organization or business on Martha’s Vineyard that has an electric meter or anyone who is renting a property on Martha's Vineyard and pays their electricity bill is eligible to join.


Why should I join Vineyard Power?

As a cooperative member, your electricity will be clean and affordable. Vineyard Power will provide financial savings while reducing the island’s carbon footprint and contributing to greater sustainability.

Membership will also give you direct voice in the cooperative’s development and operation. Members will steer all the organization’s major decisions – from electing a Board of Directors to choosing which turbine locations are considered.


How much will membership cost?

A share in the cooperative will require a one time payment. The membership fee is currently $150 and will increase as we move closer to our long term energy goal.


Are there personal or individual membership liabilities that may stem from being a member of Vineyard Power?

No. The Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 164, Section 136(f) states, "no member shall be liable for the debts of the cooperative to an amount exceeding the sum remaining unpaid on his or her membership fee." Which means, if you have paid your membership fee, in full, you are exempt from liabilities.


How is Vineyard Power managed?

Vineyard Power is professionally managed by an experienced executive. Member-owners elect the board of directors, which hire the professional staff.